Custom Building

The main philosophy of our custom building company is to provide an honest approach to new home construction. This has proven to be a success through the process of open communication and great planning from the start. If our clients are educated properly up front about certain conditions that drive pricing and overall cost throughout the build, they can plan appropriately. We strive to be as thorough as possible on the front end to eliminate any “surprise factors” as referred to in the industry.

We specialize in building quality custom homes in the greater San Antonio area as well as its’ outlining territories from the upper 400’s to 2M.

Our Process

Once a building site has been selected and the blueprints created, we will sit down to discuss design features and share ideas about finish outs. Only after that has taken place, can we start the actual bidding process. We feel this is the most important step needed to create a true and accurate cost proposal for our clients. With this information we are able to account for any above average lot conditions that can affect pricing, general utility set up costs, interior and exterior design features, and generate allowances for certain finish out items based on our clients’ wants and needs.

After the contracts are signed, financing is obtained, and all necessary engineered layouts and permits are accounted for, construction of your new home will start. Our designer will guide you through the selection process to confirm interior and exterior colors, flooring choices, cabinet details, etc., while focusing on the budgets created in the above bidding process. Construction time frames can vary due to numerous conditions, but our normal build times have generally averaged between 5 to 8 months from lot clear to move in.

Marquis Builders makes it a point to communicate with our clients effectively and efficiently throughout the process. Weekly updates and periodic site meetings help make the process run smoothly while keeping our clients involved every step of the way.

Allowance Program

We have created a simple process to help our clients achieve the overall goal of staying on budget while allowing them to personalize certain selections. Our allowances for certain things like plumbing and electrical fixtures, countertops, cabinetry, appliances, and some other finish out items are set based on information learned about their individual preferences during our initial meeting. Our suppliers have partnered up with us to deliver the best pricing possible, to which in return we pass right along to our clients with no additional mark-up on these selected items. Perhaps if one category comes in under budget on selections made, that money saved can be used to spend on something else; limiting any additional out of pocket funds, or simply issued as a credit at the end of the project.

Change Orders

Making a few changes to a project mid-stream could cause a ton of issues for some builders and ultimately cost the consumer a lot more than what they were initially wanting to spent. To avoid these concerns, Marquis Builders has taken two steps to help make this a fair and stress free process. The first step comes before our client even signs a contract to build with us. During the pre-planning stage, we review the blueprints and discuss any possible changes prior to bidding the project. With this mindset in place, it allows us to make changes before construction even begins. The second step was created for the situation of actually making a change during construction. Whether it be a minor cosmetic change or possibly a more invasive structural change, our services to do so are billed on a cost plus format, discussed thoroughly, and agreed upon prior to taking place.

Building homes to suit our customer’s lifestyle in and around the San Antonio and Texas Hill Country areas.


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