Marquis Builders is a Design/Build firm that specializes in constructing homes that are truly unique to each individual client. We do not limit our clients to just a handful of plans and packages to choose from.

We are a custom building company.

Whether you already have blueprints completed, an architecture firm in mind, or simply need to start from scratch, we are dedicated to working with you and want to earn your business.

For the clients needing a place to start, you’ll have an option to work closely with our in house plan designer to bring your vision to life. This approach allows us to discuss all aspects of the building process including budgets while still in the design phase. Our team listens to each customer’s specific needs and understands all of the local and municipal building codes to assure every project designed runs smoothly. Through this method, we are able to offer our clients an awarding plan design experience at a fair and competitive rate.

Below are examples of homes in our plan library for your reference. Please note, every home is custom built to suit our clients’ needs. (click image to enlarge view):

PLAN #2118

Total Living Area: 2118 sf
Total Slab Area: 3118 sf
Dimensions: 71′ X 62′

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PLAN #2683

Total Living Area: 2683 sf
Total Slab Area: 4270 sf
Dimensions: 65′ X 94′

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PLAN #3105

Total Living Area: 3105 sf
Total Slab Area: 5190 sf
Dimensions: 85′ X 88′

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PLAN #3306

Total Living Area: 3306 sf
Total Slab Area: 3494 sf
Dimensions: 81′ X 58′

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PLAN #3580

Total Living Area: 3580 sf
Total Slab Area: 4462 sf
Dimensions: 81′ x 81′

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PLAN #3689

Total Living Area: 3689 sf
Total Slab Area: 4861 sf
Dimensions: 82′ X 72′

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Plan #3834

PLAN #3834

Total Living Area: 3834 sf
Total Slab Area: 5189 sf
Dimensions: 102′ X 91′

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PLAN #3910

Total Living Area: 3910 sf
Total Slab Area: 4358 sf
Dimensions: 90′ X 91′

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Plan #3834

PLAN #4289

Total Living Area: 4289 sf
Total Slab Area: 5912 sf
Dimensions: 97′ X 90′

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Building homes to suit our customer’s lifestyle in and around the San Antonio and Texas Hill Country areas.


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